Welcome to Our Practice

Dr. Jeffrey A. Everitt & Dr. Lee M. Maisel
Dr. Jeffrey A. Everitt and Dr. Lee M. Maisel

Welcome to our website. We hope this will introduce you to our office and our staff to help you decide if you would like to become a patient. Be sure to click on the slideshow to the right to give you more of a feel for who we are.

We practice modern, comprehensive dentistry with an emphasis on prevention and conservative treatment planning. Both doctors, after dental school, trained at major teaching hospitals and devote a large amount of time to continuing education. With an exceptional staff of talented people, we form a dedicated team to provide you and your family with the best dental care possible.

When treatment is necessary, the problem will be explained and your alternatives discussed. All costs are carefully reviewed ahead of time. Our office will do everything possible to make the best dentistry affordable and to co-ordinate it with any insurance that you may have. We will routinely make billing arrangements and extended payment plans.

Your overall well-being in our office is a major concern. Our office meets or exceeds all standards of cleanliness and safety. We have hospital grade sterilization of all instruments and handpieces and your medical history is carefully reviewed before treatment. The clinical staff is all CPR certified and a defibrillator is always close at hand if ever needed. A pulse oximeter is routinely used for blood pressure screening.  At each check-up, we look at more than just your teeth and gums, and always check for cancer or other abnormalities that may alert us to systemic problems. Any concerns you have about your oral health are always addressed, as are any recommendations we can make to help you have more effective preventive care at home.

All of us in our practice want to build long-term relationships with our patients that are based on trust, goodwill, and service. Comfortable, appropriate dental care is what you can expect from us always.

Our website also can help you understand some of the terms we use in dentistry. If you are looking for information on Invisalign, crowns, implants, or veneers, for example, you'll find it here.